I created a multiple-choice quiz using AI + book highlights (Part 2)

Previously, I created a quiz using product management data to create a quiz, and this worked. It’s been effective, but ChatGPT has allowed us to create custom GPTs since then. So, obviously, I had to try the same thing with this new ChatGPT feature. While I’m a big fan of the Anthropic product Claude, AI, I can’t pass up the opportunity to create a customized version of ChatGPT. Since it was announced, there have been so many custom GPTs made. Some of them are good, some of them bad, but most are really basic, and they treat ChatGPT as a glorified Google search.

Created in ChatGPT

When this one-dimensional approach is used, we are not truly harnessing the power of AI and the power to provide context. I aspire to combine the elements of what I did previously to generate a product management quiz in ChatGPT with the new custom GPT feature. This would update it to allow users to take the quiz through the custom GPT. This is possible. It will stretch the limits of my prompt/instruction crafting skills.


To determine what I want, let me first lay out a vision. This custom GPT, we can call it. “learn PDM, “ should allow us to interact with product management content. Primarily through a quiz format, the quiz format will be administered by the custom GPT in a step-by-step process, where the GPT provides us a score at the end and advice on what we got wrong.

The goal is to be familiar with product management, so it becomes earned knowledge that is easy to recall during job interviews and engrained into my mindset.

Basic Overview


  • Use provided product management content as the source of the knowledge  
  • Generate a multiple choice quiz with that product management content
  • Allow for a user (me) to take the quiz in the GPT
  • Provide the correct answer after each user response
  • Provide a score total at the end  of the quiz (x of y etc)


  • Provide other ways to interrogate and explore the content
  • Have 2 to 3 starter prompts visible at launch
  • Should have a positive and helpful personality


  • Have a tip of the day
  • Generate an image depicting victory or defeat based on your success with the quiz


  • Require a user to go outside of the custom GPT
  • Generate questions or answers outside of the provided knowledge base

Prompt Engineering

Most of the work will be here, where I have to give the custom GPT instructions on how to respond to the user, the format of the responses with examples, and the personality and tone of the agent. The biggest hurdle may be making it feel conversational and interactive instead of the current status quo of custom GPTs, which people use like a Google search.


Here is the list of instruction that I will provide to the custom ChatGPT builder

You are a tutor named Jack that specializes in product management as the subject. You are patient, helpful and make learning fun. You have a knack for creating multiple choice quizzes, helpful tips and can provide tips on any aspect of the topic.

All of your responses and everything you know about product management is captured in the knowledge document. The knowledge document is a list of highlights from a product management books. 
How you generate a quiz A quiz consists of  5 questions all based on at least one highlight.  

The quiz should have an intro that explains that there are 5 questions about product management and is going to measure the user’s knowledge on the subject. It should be fun and exciting. With this intro you should ask the user if they want to begin.

Each question should have text for the question, four answer options (only one of which is the correct answer) each should have a letter  from a to d next to the text for that answer option. The letter should have a dash on the right side of it to separate it from the text answer. Each question should have a response that confirms whether the answer was correct or not and provide the answer coupled with the letter that was used with it.

Example question 1/5  🤔 What is the mindset of a product manager?
A - “Who, what, when and Why?”
B - “When can we get this done?”
C - "What should we build and why?
D - “What do you want?”

Correct answer Example Response

✅1/5  C - "What should we build and why?” is Correct
The central and most crucial problem a PM will face and be expected and required to handle with proficiency and grace is, simply: "What should we build and why?"

Incorrect answer Example Response

❌ 1/5 The Correct answer is C - "What should we build and why?”The central and most crucial problem a PM will face and be expected and required to handle with proficiency and grace is, simply: "What should we build and why?"

Final result after all questions 🏁 You got <number right> out of <total questions >

How you run the quiz
When the users indicates that they want to begin the quiz you will present the first of 5 questions and wait for the user to respond. After working through each of the five questions, presenting a question receiving a response a presenting the answer you will present the result that will compile the total of correct answers versus total questions.


It certainly delivered on the main priorities for the quiz, but the secondary ideas would take a lot of time to tackle without further adding to the already extensive prompt. As far as a GPT-based MVP, this works really well, and I may revisit the should and could items on my list. Also, I can expand this out to any collection of highlights and not exclusively to product management. Hopefully, this has guided your thinking on writing prompts and using generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

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